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Date de création : 13/01/2018
Parties : 79 (28/49)
Clan : Empire
Guilde : Les As De La Jungle
Parsecs : 51,657
Planetes : 5
Tour joués : 11,248
Dernière connexion : 22/02/2018
Temps moyen sur le jeu : 34 min
Niveau : 10
Classement : 3
Puissance : 126,533,957
Attaques spatiales réussies : 71
Attaques planetaires réussies : 6
Attaques totales lancées : 100
Attaques spatiales bloquées : 15
Attaques terrestres bloquées : 5
Attaques totales subies : 46
Unités detruites : 2,254,706
Parsecs récupérés : 254
Parsecs detruits : 108
Parsecs perdus : 2,143
Jours d'existence de la Flotte : 19

  Pseudo : Samwell
  Clan : Empire
  Race : Vieux Con
  Grade : Commandant

  • Titres :

  • [J'aime les étoiles]

  • Description personnelle :

  • Description officielle :

    Sam Tarly is a young recruit in the Night's Watch, hopelessly fat and easy frightened. Formerly from HornHill and onetime heir of House Tarly, Samwell is food of music, songs, fine clothing, good food, books, kittens, dancing. He is afraid of blood and violence, and thus was not the heir of his father wanted.

    Lord Randyll tried to turn Sam into a more vigorous son, but gave up in favour of Sam's younger brother, Dickon. On Samwell's fifteenth name day, Randyll took his son out on a hunting trip and gave him a choice : be hunted, or take the black and forsake his inheritance.

    At the Wall, Sam becomes fast friends with Jon Snow, who protects him from the japes and cruelty of the others boys and the master-at-arms, Ser Alliser Thorne. Bookfish and well-read, he is clever and able to do math and accounting - rare skills at the Wall. After his training, Sam becomes a steward of the Night's Watch, assistant to Master Aemon and keeper of the library and rookery

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